Covers a Twelve Week Period

Living on Your Own: An Independent Living Simulation
Living on Your Own: An Independent Living Simulation
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Product Description

This unique, life-management set, contains a reproducible book of teacher-guided lessons and a workbook of application exercises. The set teaches students to make independent decisions and then lets them experience the results of their choices. During the 12-week simulation, students live and work in the imaginary towns of Walchville and Rivertown. They open bank accounts, make budgets, use public transportation, and buy on credit. Students deal with the consequences of their decisions, as they pay bills and balance their budgets. They also learn to meet small emergencies and unexpected expenses in the final weeks of this simulation. The lifelike continuity and sequential approach of this package makes it an effective tool for fostering self-confidence and independence. Student workbook activities apply concepts from the lessons using realistic maps, ads, application forms, schedules, and checks to teach practical life-management skills.

The teacherís manual provides reproducible materials necessary to the simulation, as well as copies of student worksheets, answers, and complete lesson plans.

Most of the student workbook is in 12-pt type. The workbook may be enlarged if necessary or students may gain valuable practice using a magnifier.

Grades 8-12