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The Vibrating Pillow for Kids!
<b>Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives</b>
Available with Braille Labels!
Talking Tactile Pen
Description Probe for Tactile Graphics
Tactile Turn 'N Match
Take your tactile senses for a spin!
Color SENSEation Color N Paint Books
Raised Line Art Drawings with Braille!
Safariology Life Cycle Sets
Excellent Learning Tool - Introduces Young Children to Each Developing Stage of Life!

Only $7.99 per Set

Reasons to shop our store

Exceptional Teaching is dedicated to finding or producing products that will assist:

  • Teachers of Students with Special Needs
  • Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments
  • Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Teachers of High School Students in Transition
  • Parents
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Orientation and Mobility Instructors
  • Classroom Teachers
We offer a wide assortment of educational games and toys for teaching exceptional children. Our selection includes motivational reading games, teaching aids for those with special needs and learning disabilities, living aids products for blind individuals, and much more!

You will find an assortment of braille products and braille curriculum including the Mangold Combined Reading and Math Program, and the SAL2 Mangold Braille Reading Program for those who wish to learn braille.

Watch a video of a 7 year old student using the SAL2 on the TTT in action!

Our goal is to offer the finest exceptional teaching tools available to facilitate all of your child’s or student's learning needs.